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Amazing what you can find when you look through a bin full of art crap.
I found my mystery novel I made for a creative writing class in high school..we had to have the complete book but we only had  a few days to even work on drafts and everything so I gave what I have. 
Its the prologue -chapter 4.
I decided to continue this mystery book and i even re did the cover.
I am going to edit some things a bit and work on all the book continuing from where I left off for somehow I remember how it all goes lolz I made it in my junior year of high school..I'm a sophomore in college now so..about what 4 years have gone by since then. 
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Courtney Ryuu the Mightyena
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am sonic fan,Transformers animated fan..All HAIL DECEPTICONS and i love to draw many stuff..yeah i am an..ART FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!
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What my Username represents:Mighty for Mightyenna
C for my name
and C-amurai because it's a pun on "Samurai?"
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Favourite genre of music: rock,rap,hip hop,r&b
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MP3 player of choice: walkman mp3
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Favourite cartoon character: Espio the chameleon,jet the hawk,Prowl from tfa,Ratchet from tfa
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Ujarak and calico's children by Mighty-C-amurai
Ujarak and calico's children
These are Ujarak and Calico's children. they never knew their father for he died before they were born but they were raised by their mother and "uncle" in their father's tribe so thats why they bear variations of the tribe markings on their muzzles so that they feel close to their father. The birth order is Razork,Usayla and then Mishala.
Fun facts of each character

1. is the oldest child
2. Grew to be a great warrior like his father
3. Is unfortunately consumed by anger and revenge by their father's death when they learn how their dad died and it has consumed him so much that he feels nothing but anger,hatred and kill their father's killer.
4. is a lone wolf so to speak,has no friends and doesn't talk to anyone really
1. is engaged to another mobian tribe member who trained with Razork(which explains the necklace and belt)
2. is talented at making clothing from kills and good at making jewelry
3.she is shy at first but once you get to know her..she is an open book
4. she worries for her brother
1. youngest child
2. is a apprentice for the shaman
3. she's a feisty girl but knows her place
4. dreams of a live outside the tribe but doesn't know how to pursue it yet 
Denmarkri the snake by Mighty-C-amurai
Denmarkri the snake
My first albino snake character...i think lolz
Fun facts
1. He is what caused Lucky's injuries
2. He's a jerk
3. Abuses people who work for him(i refuse to tell what his job is lol since it'll be hinted in the next fact)
4. He is also an enemy of Lucky for he worked with the enemy side that killed both lucky's dad and older brother(LE GASP..TRAITOR!!!)
5. I hate his design overall...and his skirt thing too...I..I hate
Dr. Wayne Von Blarkson by Mighty-C-amurai
Dr. Wayne Von Blarkson
This is bronco's boyfriend...and is also Lucky's best friend from when they were in middle school.
Fun facts
1. He is a doberman
2. He is 27-28 years old
3. I think he's my first doctor characters
4. I can't draw scrubs but he is in his normal work attire
5. He often plays the piano
6. He owns a beach house at the coast ^^
7. He has a wereform!!!!
8. He only wears glasses for when he is at work,reading music sheets and reading in general.
9. He owns 3 pets..2 hamsters and a rat
Bronco the Lab by Mighty-C-amurai
Bronco the Lab
Another character i made during a rp.
so..nothing to really say about him so...straight to the fun facts
1. is 19 years old
2. is dating a doctor(hehehe)
3.I named him after a lab character for my dog comic i did finish but need to finish uploading...
4. Took me two days to even draw him the way i liked it
5. I hate his shoes and socks..don't know why
6. I feel like i know a anime character with his hair i the only one
7. He wants to be a pro skater..and he's headed to the right direction..
Leroy 'Lucky' Doberman by Mighty-C-amurai
Leroy 'Lucky' Doberman
a new character i made during an rp..
the stitches are from a fight with another character called...not gonna tell ya lol anyways here's some fun facts about him
1. is 26 years old
2. is taken!!!!
3. Adopted by a pair of light and darkness dragon mobians
4. is the third out of 5, the oldest is the biological son of their parents, the rest were adopted
5. his siblings that were adopted like him are a light/dakrness dragon(the oldest son) fire dragon(recently deceased son and is older then Leroy), unicorn(was born blind and hes the last son),cat/chidna(nothing to really say except that this one is the only female int he sibling group)
6, there is only one girl in the sibling group
7. their father was KIA(killed in action) when he was 20-21 and was in the air force
8. He is a under cover cop
9. a smoker
10. His sibligns names are(in order of age): Nitro the Light/Dark dragon(32), Aloyarc the fire dragon(30,deceased), Leroy 'Lucky' Doberman(26), Shadow hooves the unicorn(18) and finally the girl named Misania Catchidna(11)
11. his parents are Draconisel Mortorkal Light/Darkness dragon(Father,deceased) and Jeweliana Gemsapphire Light/Darkness dragoness(mother,alive currently,suffers from alzheimer's)

Any questions...ask away ^^
and here's something funny..i want you to guess what the deceased son/brother's name spells if you reverse it..

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